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Frequently asked questions

There's no such thing as a stupid question. Please see some of the FAQs below, but if the answer to your burning question isn't there or you just want more information, please get in touch.
  1. Do you offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?


    No, I am not trained to deliver CBT, however like a lot of counsellors, I do use a number of CBT techniques within my counselling practise, if it suits the needs of the client. If you'd like to get in touch to discuss your requirements, then please do.
  2. What does confidentiality mean?


    All that we discuss within our sessions is between you and I. I will never share this information with anyone else. But there are some exceptions such as if I believe you are at risk of serious harm of hurting yourself or someone else, or if you disclose details of an illegal act. There are a few other professional exceptions, but we will discuss these in more detail when we contract for any sessions together.
  3. Do you offer block booking and discounts?


    No. I don't want to sign any clients up to multiple sessions in case they are not needed. There's no need to go through therapy for the sake of it. I'd much rather our sessions came to an early close if my clients were feeling better. I don't want clients to keep having sessions because they have paid for x amount already.
  4. Is telephone counselling for me?


    Everyone will have an opinion on this but until you have tried it, you won't really know. A lot of my clients in the past have been surprised just how effective the sessions have been for them. I would say, give it a go, we can have an assessment and a chat about how we can progress together.

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